Special Programs & Packages

Emblem Showroom has developed a number of programs and service packages that provide value-added solutions for brands interested in building their brand presence into the U.S. market.

These unique programs have provided brands with significant savings, as well as valuable information about positioning and growing their brand in the U.S. market. 


The Design Australia program is a unique and valuable opportunity – the perfect platform for Australian brands to launch and grow in the US market.

For five seasons the event has given Australian labels unprecedented access to American retail buyers and trade weeks, at significant savings.  The program offers Australian labels an integrated 3 month-sales and PR services, which covers both the East and West Coasts of America.

The program includes a showroom and sales representation during New York Fashion Week and New York Market, a Fashion Presentation Event for media and influencers, West Coast showroom and sales during L.A. Market, additional retailer appointments and follow-up, as well as pre-sales and post-sales merchandising support, product strategy, and brand communication recommendations. 

More information available at www.designaustraliausa.com


The U.S. market intro packages, created specifically for overseas brands, provide them with a unique and valuable opportunity for launching and growing in the U.S. Market. 

This 3 or 6-month program allows brands a three-way introduction into the US market focused on the three major aspects that drive a brand’s market success: wholesale, retail, and PR. 

This integrated service package covering both East and West Coast of the United States, as well as regional markets, integrates sales (wholesale and retail) with a comprehensive PR component that introduces the brand to fashion media, influencers, and celebrity stylists in New York as well as Los Angeles.  The U.S. Intro packages may also include a pop-up/limited retail event, depending on availability, to introduce the brand directly to consumers.  

Brand participation in the U.S. Intro Program is limited to maximum 8 brands per session, to ensure that each brand receives the maximum support and attention.  Participating brands are carefully selected and pre-screened, to ensure best fit.  

For more information: emblem@emblemshowroom.com


The Product Development & Brand Consulting package was developed to ensure that emerging brands and overseas brands entering the US market are ready for the sales process, and that once selling starts, that they will achieve maximum sales results in the US market.

A product’s market success starts long before the sales process takes place – it is the result of the right combination of product, competitive market pricing, brand awareness, timing, and sales strategy. Given the time and effort invested in creating and promoting a new line, sales success is crucial to the brand’s growth. To maximize sales, anything that could negatively impact the brand’s success in the market is identified and resolved before selling begins. 

The showroom’s consulting services are bundled into four main packages, or can be combined together into a single project with multiple deliverables, depending on the needs of the Designer.

The Product Development & Brand Consulting packages are structured for maximum cost savings to designers, and are focused around particular areas that may need additional development: product strategy and merchandising, marketing materials and brand communication, sales strategy, and import pricing calculation. The cost of each consulting package is a function of the time and resources required for Emblem Showroom to provide the consulting services and deliverables to the Designer.

For more information on consulting packages: emblem@emblemshowroom.com