Consulting Services


Emblem Showroom offers a variety of business services to assist designers with managing and growing their business. We bring our extensive business and project management experience and network of resources to provide the best solutions to fit their growth and business needs: These services include:

Collection Merchandising: Collection & product merchandising. Design feedback.

Business Development: Creation of business plans. Competitive research & market analysis. Strategic planning and development. Business planning and calendar break-down.

Product Development: Trend forecasting and design research. Contractor sourcing for sampling and production. Distribution planning. Costing.

Logistics: Shipping & Customs documentation and follow-up. Accounts Receivable Planning, including foreign accounts negotiation, collections. Order processing & commission statements. Private label, design collaboration negotiations. Factoring referrals.


Editorial & Press Showroom: PR clients’ collections are permanently available for press viewing, and editorial pulls at our L. A. offices. Our contact database covers over 6,000 stylist and costume designer contacts across the US, we also have an extensive network of media/press contacts in Europe. We maintain constant communication with costume designers, editors, and stylists to ensure maximum exposure for our clients.

Marketing Plan & Strategy Development: We develop a personalized marketing plan and implementation strategy to grow the client’s brand by creating public awareness and cohesive media communication. Our detailed marketing plans include: market research, analysis, brand positioning, online branding, media plans, cross-promotional marketing.

Brand Identity: We identify what your brand is about and develop a clear message. We target the market, brand your image, and provide exposure for your brand. This includes: creation and refinement of image and brand identity materials, including designer bio, mission statement, logo, printed and online branding communication; brand positioning analysis; media & strategy planning and implementation.

Creative & Design Services: We have creative resources, including proven art directors, graphic designers, and web developers who can conceptualize and create look-books, product catalogs, collateral & point-of-sale materials, online assets, newsletters, to achieve the right image and consistent brand identity.

Creative Direction/Copy-writing: We can design press/photo/news releases, produce newsletters and email flyers, produce look-books, brochures, and media, conceptual design, logo creation.

Brand Localization & Translation: Our international presence and experience with global brands gives us a first-hand understanding of market differences across languages and countries. We assist our international clients with making their brands relevant in new markets by providing the following: translation of marketing and website materials, sizing equivalents, cultural differences awareness, content localization.

Photo Shoot Production & Content Creation: We have access to some of the best editorial and event photographers in Los Angeles. Our stylist, hair & make-up, and photography resources have extensive experience in photo shoot production, model casting, location scouting, studio props, and lighting, and the content produced has been successfully published in online and print media.

Online Marketing & Branding: Establish and maintain branded social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest; Write & edit newsletters and email flyers, blogging; online store set-up and branding; Website development.

Press/Media Communication & Outreach: Our services include creation and distribution of press releases and media communication; news feature development and press pitches; media interviews. Our working relationships include print, broadcast, and online media editors, writers, and producers. We cover national and regional press ( dailies, monthly glossies), on radio and TV news programs, news wires, syndicated and cable shows, consumer and trade formats, as well as community-specific and niche market publications.

Editorial Product Placement: We organize seasonal sample and product previews, press launch events, press previews, editor and stylist gifting. We have successfully placed products for exposure in top-rated TV programs and blockbuster films. Through our partnerships with stylists, bloggers, fashion editors, and photographers, we have successfully garnered top media attention for our clients, and placement on online shows and content.

Promotions & Sales Events: We’ve successfully partnered with retailers to organize trunk shows, private sales, cross-promotions, sample sales, product give-aways, and event sponsorships. We use a ‘think-outside-the-box’ approach to find creative and unusual solutions to increase brand exposure, build closer relationships between designers and retailers, and build consumer loyalty.

Celebrity Gifting & Luxury Suites: In partnership with Nikki Beach, we host a Luxury Suite during Cannes Film Festival, offering our clients great celebrity placements and media exposure. We also participate in a number of other celebrity gifting events, depending on clients’ products & availability.

Celebrity Placement: We work closely with publicists and celebrity stylists to provide maximum exposure for our clients’ brands and have been successful in getting our products into the hands of A-level talent, on top-rated network and cable TV shows, films, award shows, red carpet events, publicity appearances, and other events to provide crucial and implied endorsement of your brand.

Event Planning & Production: Experience producing over 100 events, including runway shows, fashion installations, multi-media events, launch parties, store/gallery openings, charity events, and pre or post-award show events. Our production services are tailored to the purpose/event/clients’ budget, from concept planning, to direction, execution, and follow-up. Services include: celebrity wrangling; backstage and front-of-house production; catering & staffing; sound, lighting, & set design; model casting; hair & make-up, stylists & dressers; sponsorship & gift bags; RSVP and invitation coordination; seating; step-and-repeat; red-carpet event photographer & broadcast pit, event signage. Pre-show and post-show follow-up, press showings, product displays, model installations.