Emblem Showroom is a full-service fashion showroom providing emerging and global designers with all the support needed in building brand awareness and expanding sales in the U.S. market: competitive research, merchandising and brand development, sales and trade show representation, PR services, brand communication, including look-book and product shoots, fashion show production, and social media support.

We are passionate about building brands, creating value, and style that inspires.

We combine our passion for excellence with the most effective communication strategies and follow-through, to help our clients reach their target. We help our clients set goals and implement strategies to achieve them.

We work with global and emerging contemporary brands whose innovative designs present a fresh take on style and quality, to bring unique and valuable offerings to U.S. consumers.

Our Mission

Identify and promote strong, innovative, fashion brands.

Build successful, mutually beneficial global relationships between retailers and designers.

Create new opportunities for growth.

Our strengths

  • A strong team, with over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of the fashion business, and a network of consultants and specialists that can provide additional resources.
  • Strong international business background and experience introducing overseas brands into the US market.  We’ve assisted over 45 brands with making an entry into the US Market.
  • Understanding of the U.S. market and major players, the brand landscape, fashion sales and distribution channels, and U.S. consumer demographics and shopping trends.
  • Over 8 years hands-on experience in retail buying for independent stores, hands-on exposure to large retail operations, and well-honed insights into consumer shopping behavior, retail merchandising, and creating a great consumer shopping experience.
  • Constantly updated database of over 15,000 fashion retailers in the US and overseas, working relationships with top boutiques and department stores, and a PR database of over 8,000 fashion industry and PR contacts, including celebrity stylists, media, and influencers.
  • Strategic perspective and focus on solid business fundamentals, profitability, and efficiency.  We help new brands identify and manage risks, for sustained growth.
  • Forward-thinking approach that takes into account new trends and an evolving fashion market, as we adjust strategy to reach set goals.
  • Extensive communication experience in all aspects of the fashion industry:  brand marketing, press and media communication, market competitive analysis.  We can create and modify all sales materials to suit the U.S. Market, strengthen brand communication and positioning, website copy text, and communicate to press, with press releases, placement articles, and editorials.  We believe in effective, timely, and inspired communication, and use all available means at our disposal to get the message across and make things happen.
  • Hands-on experience with fashion content creation, and extensive network of resources (photographers, stylists, models, graphic designers) for creating targeted, effective fashion visuals and brand image campaigns at competitive prices.
  • Our undying commitment to excellence motivates us to seek constant improvement, quickly adjust to changing conditions, and maintain an open, learning environment.

With a talented and passionate team, and over 15 years’ experience in design, retail buying, marketing, and communication, Emblem Showroom connects retailers with innovative designers and products from U.S. and around the globe.

Located in the historic Newmart Building, in the heart of Los Angeles’ Fashion District, with a network of associates and consultants around the world, Emblem Showroom is uniquely positioned to provide designers with all the necessary tools for introducing and growing their brands in the U.S.