Canadian Brands @ LA Market Oct 14-15


Showing at LABEL ARRAY, California Market Center in Canadian Fashion Suite, October 14-16
* HAPPINESS BOX showing at Brand Assembly Square (Cooper Building) on Mezzanine, Emblem Showroom space, October 14-16

BODYBAG by jude

Launched in 1998 by Judith Desjardins, after a few capsule collections sold to underground boutiques in NYC and Montreal, BODYBAG by jude provides chic and edgy staples pieces, perfectly curated for an everyday stylish life.

Inspired by everything British, BoDYBAGS juxtaposes opposites, creating feminine dresses using masculine fabrics, mixing structured and drapey silhouettes into casual chic, timeless styles with a cool factor and high style quotient.  Originally targeted to ravers and clubbers, label has now evolved to a directional contemporary brand offering effortless pieces to young professionals.  

The name of the brand was inspired by the idea that you must live the life you want and enjoy the present before it’s too late, but also plays with the two words whose meaning as pertains to clothing is literally ‘a bag to encase the body’…

Entirely made in Montreal using premium fabrics, BODYBAGS by Jude has developed a solid following for its quality craftsmanship, innovative details, and a perfect blend of structured yet feminine style that has become its trademark. BODYBAG constantly searches for great fabrics, prioritizing natural fibers, and works with local makers in Montreal to manufacture the clothing, incorporating sustainable practices throughout its whole process. 

With a flagship store in Montreal, BODYBAG is distributed in over 30 boutiques throughout Canada, and a handful of US retailers.

Now showing fall immediates and SS20.

SS20 Lookbook


Founded in 2003, JENNIFER GLASGOW DESIGN is a fashion house offering a sophisticated clothing line using materials produced in a socially conscious practice, inspired by art and nature. The vistas and panoramas, valleys and peaks of the grasslands and mountainous landscapes of her rural upbringing are one of the main sources of inspiration for Jen Glasgow.

In her work, Jen believes in the lyricism of the image, caught and created to compliment the human form. The raw landscapes and colour blocking palettes of  Emily Carr and Mark Rothko find homage in her designs; but Russian Constructivists Vavara Stepanova and Alexander Rodchenko also find footing, with their deconstruction of the human body that inspires this fine balance between angular and fluid shapes that defines Jennifer Glasgow’s designs. 

The collections are refined in their minimalism, femininity and artistic appeal for all: from women in their twenties to their seventies, her timeless fashions offer everyone room for self-expression and effortless chic dressing.

With no conventional training in fashion and design schooling, Jen’s wholly eclectic and myriad experiences in the fashion world led her to develop a more hands-on, consumer-focused approach, one of the main factors contributing to the brand’s continued success.  Jennifer Glasgow opened the first boutique in Mile End district in Montreal, Local 23 in 2003, with a second one, General 54, following in 2006. 

Her devotion to showcasing the fashions of Montreal-based designers as well as her own collections, cemented her name in the community. All clothing is manufactured locally, out of ethically-produced fabrics.

Jennifer Glasgow’s work has been featured in Elle Canada, Lou Lou, Nightlife, Cult, Fashion Canadiana, Le Carnet, the Gazette, Huffington Post, Vieux Montreal, Mode Montreal and many others.

Now showing Holiday 2019/Pre-Spring 2020.  Download Lookbook.


Created for the modern millennial, HATCHI takes inspiration from its founders’ multicultural background to deliver sleek minimalist styles at affordable price points.

Launched in September 2017, HATCHI designs high quality, sustainably-made clothing for women.

The company’s goal is to provide chic and comfortable styles for millennial women using organic or environmentally conscious fabrics such as silk, wool, modal and recycled polyester. All styles are designed and made in Canada.

The founder of Hatchi Design, Selma Benterki, worked in finance and business before launching her line in collaboration with her mother, an experienced fashion designer. 

HATCHI is the Japanese word for eight – a lucky number that symbolizes wealth and prosperity, which the designer wishes upon each wearer of a Hatchi piece!

Now showing Fall/Holiday 2019 and Spring 2020

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The Happiness Box is a collection of quotes from around the world and from throughout the ages. It offers a daily saying or an inspirational thought that goes straights to the heart: 365 mini-doses of happiness that provide a boost and some inspiration to refocus amidst the whirlwind of life.

Founded in 2015 by Nancy Couture, this vibrant new family business has enjoyed a roaring success from the start. The Happiness Collection is growing and now includes The Love Crunch, 100 love quotes to slip in the youngster’s lunchbox as well as the Ultimate Quiz .

The Happiness Box has a number of collections available to ship just in time for Holidays, and is the perfect all-occasion, go-everywhere gift, suitable for any type of boutique.

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